Wednesday, September 30, 2009

"My legs!"

Today was business as usual through school. Lots of tests in English and I handed in my essay. But the workout today was different. It was at a run-workout so we warmed up with 10 minutes of run. (I wouldn't consider that being warm up but ok)
So after the 10 minutes we stretched a little before we took 3 minutes run. Then it was time for 150 meters sprint and then it was time for the big challenge! By 7,5 rounds on the course (3000 meters) I was only thinking of surviving! I ran and I ran and my feet felt bad and in the end I couldn't feel my legs, and it's quite a while since I have tried that!
But I came through in 14:37 which was good considered it being me running. So we had a half an hour for stretching and warm up before the 1000 meters run. When I started I could definitely feel that it wasn't my first run that day. But fortunately I couldn't really feel my legs anymore so it didn't hurt that much when I ran. I did it in 3:58 minutes which again was satisfying.

I was pretty wasted after that workout so I think it's good that I have Thursday without workout before the "camping-trip" with the team that is going to be full of training. I hope to survive it though and am looking forward to being together with the other guys.

So now I will just upload some pictures to FaceBook before I go to bed. And by the way, I have now been in Canada for a month! Incredible as time flies, cause I feel like I landed a week ago. Weird...

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