Sunday, September 20, 2009

Shorts in snowstorm

Yesterday was a nice evening where Vince and Darren from the skiclub showed me why Canadians are famous lumberjacks. It was a nice night with lots of people and I was as usual quite tired when I went to bed.

The time was 05:30 when I woke up today. I moved the cat that was laying a couple of centimeters from my face down on the ground. I grabbed my computer and had a conversation with Svend, my brother, for an hour. He seemed a little tired despite I was the one who he wanted to get up early so we could talk. It was nice to hear from him and it was nice to lay down in the bed again and take one and a half hours of sleep before my cellphone was bipping me up again. Kim, Ken, me and two others was going on a hike. Despite the rain we left the house at 9:30 and headed towards Powder Face Ridge. The rain was falling while I took a little nap in the car and when we arrived we took on our raincoats. We started walking up but when we reached the treeline the rain turned into hail and from hail into snow. Now I wasn't really prepared for that cause I wore shorts. Now within a half an hour the depth of the snow was about as much as we get in Denmark in a winter! We continued up the ridge and the view was beautifully grey... We couldn't see the mountains around us and the wind was blowing as we continued our hike.

We came to the top where it blew very much. We decided to go a little back on the trail where there was lee and eat our lunch. While we were eating it stopped blowing and the sky turned from grey into blue. We finished our lunch and returned to the top where the sun started shining and we could see the mountains around us covered in snow. Fantastic!

(The pictures are uploaded to my FaceBook profile)

We walked down with our feet in snow and our backs warmed by the sun. We ended up at the car putted in our backpacks and drove back to Bragg Creek.

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