Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Monday was Labour day so there was no school. Therefore we went to climb Nihani Ridge. It was not as steep as Moose Mountain but still I was a little tired when we drove home. On the top of Nihani Ridge there was actually a little snowflakes in the air!
After climbing we went home and relaxed a little before tuesday came.

Kim had helped me with the math so after the two periods of math my teacher said that I was making progress and as a way of appreciation she gave me homework... So I ended up doing three hours of math homework before I could go to sleep.

So today started as the often do over here. Up at 06:15 and then some breakfast before leaving with the yellow schoolbus. Today I brought music which was nice on the 45 minutes drive. I also saw a lot of deer on the way which I have to start consider being normal. Anyways I struggled through math and after school Kim picked us up outside the front of the school. We had a workout in Calgary which ended up being just as hard as the last one... I hope I am going to get in shape soon cause I think I deserve it now!
When we were done Ken picked us up and we went home to a delicious dinner prepared by Kim.
Now I am sitting here catching up with the last couples of days.

In a moment I will go to bed which I after the days workout am looking forward to!

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