Sunday, September 13, 2009

Monarch Mountain

Yesterday was a hard but fantastic day!
I woke up at 06:05. Then I fell asleep and woke up by Ken knocking my door. It was 07:04 and I had to get some clothes on. 30 minutes later we were sitting in the car, Kim, Ken and me. Fortunately Kim had some cake in the car so it was a nice ride to Canmore. At the parkinglot we met the four friends of Kim and Ken that was following us on the hike. After saying hi to the new guys we went off on our travel towards the top.
After walking between trees for a time we finally came out in the free and we could now see Monarch Mountain. We continued for a while until one of the others spotted a moving thing in the landscape. We stopped and looked at the Grizzlybear that was walking a couple of hundred meters away. Soon it was hidden behind a tree so we went on.

After a couple of hours walking we stopped for lunch at the top of the ridge. It was sun and 27 degrees and the sky was blue. We had a fantastic view to the mountains and lakes that was surrounding us and it was the perfect spot for lunch. After we had ate we continued down the ridge starting the retreat. I was getting quite tired and when we came to a creek on our way down we stopped to stick our toes into the water. It was cold but refreshing. I dipped my feet and face and then we continued the final kilometers down through the forrest. When we came down Kim told me that I had now experienced more of the mountains tham the most people living in Calgary. That was nice to hear that after 25 kilometers of mountain walking!

On our way home some goats decided to cross the road in front of us. They didn't seemed to fear cars and humans so they took their time. Which gave me some space to take a couple of pictures that are now ready on FaceBook. When we came home we got some hamburgers for dinner and watched a movie. We were all pretty tired so it was nice to sleep 12 hours last night.
Today I have been relaxing a bit and Kim showed me the creek that runs through Bragg Creek. I have made my homework so I think I deserve some sleep before I go to school tomorrow.

So goodnight everyone!

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