Monday, September 28, 2009

Late update

First of all I would like to apologize for my missing updates on this blog this week. I have no explanation for this but it might be that I have just been a little lazy... Sorry!

Anyways my week went pretty easy without the big things happening in the weekdays except for a trip to the theater with Kim, Bryn and some other guys. It was entertaining and I liked just relaxing while the actors was talking English and not me. So that was Tuesday and the next days was just school and some workouts and then Friday came. I borrowed a camera from Media Arts so that I could take some pictures during the weekend and when school ended Kim was waiting for me at the office. We went talking with mr. Reynolds about my options in math. I simply couldn't keep up with the other guys in math pure which is for people planning to go to university so now I have math applied which should be easier. It seems like Denmark need to do something about it's math-level. So when that was fixed we drove home and saw some DVD before we went to bed. Next morning was a workoutday so we left the house at 8:30 to go to Canmore. But it wasn't a workout as usual. It was a rollerski workout! So we arrived and I got some new skiboots cause apparently you need two kind of boots: classic and skate. And since I seem to have Canada's biggest feet we had to buy them from a person who once bought them for her son who ended up don't needing them cause they were to big.

Anyways I took on the boots and Chris, the coach, handed me some rollerskies which I took on. I drove forward and backwards a couple of times and then I tried to keep up with the other guys which ended up in a minor crash. It was pretty fun but I'm still looking forward to real snow. After the training I drove with some of the guys from the skiteam to Calgary. Next day, Sunday, Vincent, Darren, Vincent's friend and I were going to mountainbike so I slept over at Darren's house. We spend the last bit of the day buying lumberjackshirts because I thought that you have to have a lumberjackshirt if you are in Canada. So we bought one each despite they didn't had the real ones (red/black) and after we had bought them we wore them proud while we were participating in Lumberjack Olympics which included wood cutting etc.

We went to bed quite late so I was a little tired when we woke up next day. Darren and I headed towards Bragg Creek to get some bikes and meet Vincent and his friend. Then we headed towards Moose Mountain where we dropped off the bikes and prepared ourselves for the bikeride down. Wearing helmet and lumberjackshirts we started biking down between the trees in the dust. The first hundred meters were insane and resulted in a minor scratch when I drove into a tree with my shoulder but after that it turned into fun and it was really nice to drive down while trying not to hit a tree and fall down the mountain. I survived it to the bottom and then we headed back to Bragg Creek to bring back the bikes and me. Before the other guys left we had some time to push over some trees which felt extra good cause we were wearing lumberjackshirts.
It was a really nice day and I would like to go again sometime!

So today I slept until 10 which was really nice. I even catched my big brother, Hans, on MSN so I talked with him for the first time since my arrival. It was nice to hear from him and it even gave me an excuse to delay my essay. But eventually I had to say goodbye cause he was at work and that left me with nothing else to do than homework. When the essay was done it was time to get changed because we were going at a workout in Calgary. When I was done lifting weights we drove home and I took some pictures that I am excited to see tomorrow in Media Arts. Now it is getting late and since tomorrow unfortunately isn't a day without school I better go to bed.

I will try to keep my blog a little more updated so you will not have to read a minor book like this again ;)

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