Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Day 1 at school

Finally after arriving to Calgary last night I have started to school. Even though I was really exhausted after the travel it was nice to get started. By the I need to say that planes should me made bigger cause even my tiny body could not fall a sleep on board. Anyways at 07:20 the schoolbus arrived so Bryn and I had to run fast. (Bryn is my hostsister)
We managed to get on board so soon we were heading towards school 45 minutes away. When we arrived Bryn dropped me off at the office where Mr. Reynolds was waiting to take a look at my passport and select courses. After that was done he showed me the school which was about four times as big as my school in Denmark. There was even a place for curling and a hockeycourse!

So after the tour I went to my first class which was Art. After drawing some stones which was funnier then it sounds, I went to Media Arts which I really am looking forward to participate in. I am going to learn how to take pictures and make movies so it is going to be a lot of fun. Unfortunately I was late because I could not find the room, but my teacher showed mercy to me and I was not among the four students who had to stand up and sing "Oh Canada". I ended my schoolday with English. Our teacher showed up with a test which I really did not understood much about, but he told me that is was only to get a feeling of where we was in the subject so I stayed calm.

After school I went to the library to wait for Ken (my hostdad) to pick us up. We were heading towards Calgary where we were going to workout with the skiclub. It was 30 degrees hot so I ended up being really exhausted. After 45 minutes of running and sprinting it was really nice to have that smoothie that Kim (my hostmom) had prepared for Bryn and I. You can imagine a golfer out of shape training hard in 45 minutes in 1300 meters hight...

Anyways it was nice to come home and after a delicious dinner and finishing homework I am now sitting here at my bed writing this post. Now I think I will go to bed and sleep well after a long day with a lot of impressions!

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