Tuesday, September 1, 2009

At 07:00 on the 29th August my plane left the ground in Copenhagen Airport and I started my travel towards Canada where my next year as exchangestudent would be spend. After a very short flight I landed in Frankfurt and I had good time to find both a poweradaptor and some candy to the upcoming flight. At 10:45 I left european ground and a travel on 8 hours was ahead of me. It was a long flight but movies and food maked the trip more pleasant.
After the long flight I stepped out into Toronto Airport and was received my Canadian officers who wanted to know what I was there for. After showing my personal VIP-card they bowed deep and let me walk away to take care of my suitcases.

After getting my bagage I went out to the arrivals where YFU-Canada was standing ready to take care of me. After spending some time searching for the car, me and another student left with an YFU-voluntary heading towards the place where we were going to sleep the next couple of days. Because of the horrible time differences I soon ended up sleeping in the car but after 1,5 hours I woke up and we were far out in the middle of nowhere. Everything was flat and all the fields where full of corn. Once in a while we passed a farm laying beside two silos. Finally we stopped by one of them and we took out our suitcases from the car. We were welcomed by three nice people who helped us with the bagage and in the livingroom we found three Japanese students sitting in the sofa.
I spend the rest of the day and the night there and next day all the YFU-students left for a half hour of driving to the place where the orientation was going to take place. We entered the building which was placed opposite the local church, and in the communitycentre we found other students waiting for us to come so we could start the orientation. We were 12 students and after being fed with donuts and cookies we started the orientation by going through all the rules that I had heard before in Denmark. Fortunately there were breaks and good advices too so it ended up being funny and interesting hearing about other countries. For example there was a Japanese boy who thought Denmark sounded great as soon as he heard about the drinking age and that we in Denmark just called our teachers by their first name.

We all slept there and next day we had a Canadian officer to tell us about the Canadian law. While I was wondering if it was only in the states they ate donuts, he told us about being arrested and what not to do in Canada. After an interesting sunday and monday we left the communitycentre and headed back to the farm where we spended the last hours of the monday. After a good sleep me and another Japanese student was picked up this morning. We said goodbye to the other students who slept at the same house as us and filled our suitcases into the car. We left the farm and headed toward Stratford where a Belgian girl who was driving with us was supposed to drop on a train going to Quebec. After driving for about an hour we were by the Stratford trainstation and we started to empty the car for her bagage.

We waited untill 08:55 where the train arrived and after wishing her a good trip we left Stratford and headed toward Kitchener to the YFU-office in Ontario. It is also here that I am writing this post to my new blog which I will try to keep alive during my stay here in Canada! At 18:10 me and the Japanese girl named Yuko is leaving Ontario by plane and tonight I will meet my hostfamily in Calgary. I am really excited about meeting them and about going to school tomorrow. But right now there is nothing to do except waiting so that is what I am going to do.


  1. Skal jeg skrive danske eller engelske kommentarer her?
    Mm. jeg må nok hellere holde det dansk - så du ikke helt glemmer det danske sprog! ;)

    Det lyder vildt spændende! Glæder mig ENORMT meget til at høre mere! :)
    God tur! og håber ikke første dag i skole var helt vildt slem!

  2. Hey Kaja
    Jeg lagde netop en ny post hvor du kan læse om min første dag i skole. Dejligt at du holder mit danske ved lige på trods af at jeg kun har snakket engelsk i et par dage ;)

    Håber du har det godt!
    KH Bjørn