Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Going to the US

Today was a good day at school. Last friday we had a quiz in math and today we got the results. 8 out of 14 is really good considered the fact that my last quiz gave me 3 out of 20! Unfortunately we also had our unitexam today... I am afraid I did not managed that well but who cares.?
I also spend my time in school hunting signatures from my teachers. It showes up that you have to fill out a couple of papers just to get free from school for three days! The reason why I am going is that Ken is holding a lecture on a university in the state of Washington. Kim got that great idea that I could skip school and join him on the roadtrip down there which will take about 10 hours. I hope to see some of Canada and a little bit of USA. So in 5 and a half hour Ken is going to knock on my door and then we will leave. (That's at 3 in the morning!)

Anyways I ended up getting all my signatures and now I should be good to go. On the way home with the bus we stopped to let some students off and three meters from the bus a deer was standing, eating grass by the road. It wasn't afraid cause when the students stepped out it just moved a bit away. I have to get used to see the deer everyday. It's weird though cause im not used to be three meters away from a deer in Denmark...

Well I think I will now hurry in bed before Ken comes down to pull me up!

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