Sunday, September 6, 2009


After a great hike to Moose Mountain yesterday I went to bed being a little exhausted. It was a great trip and after a hard climbing it was a fantastic view into the big Rocky Mountains in Alberta/British Columbia. It was me and Ken who went up there and it was a great start of my new outdoorlife here in Canada. (The pictures have been uploaded to FaceBook just now if anyone would be interested)

So today I woke up as late as 08:20 and took a shower. When I came back to my room Skype was ringing on the computer and my mother got here first virtual sign of life from me. So after a talk with Glamsbjerg City I went upstairs to have some breakfast. The days program was a trip to Calgary with Kim to buy SIM-Card for my phone and a pair of runners. So we went in there and on the way I played some Danish music for her. Which she liked! (although Kim thought it sounded like "disaster" when Steffen Brandt was singing "de første kærester på månen")

Anyways I got both shoes and card and when we came home Kim and I went for a walk with Blizzard. (the dog) It was niced and the shoes fitted great! When I got back I thought it was time to unpack the suitcase so that is also done know ;)

Know I will go eat dinner that Kim have prepared!

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