Thursday, September 17, 2009

In Idaho

Yesterday Ken got me out of my bed and into the car at 2:45 am. I was of course very tired so I sleept for a long time. When I woke up we were getting close to the US border. When we stopped by the american police officer he asked for our passports. He wanted to know if Ken and I knew eachother which we both could answer yes to. After asking what we wanted in the states he told us to get out of the car. The problem wasn't Ken... It was me! I had to fill out a form that asked me if I had been a part of Nazi Germany, if I was a drug abuser or if I carried any explosives in my pocket. I answered no to all of it even though I think it would give the officer an exciting day at work if I answered yes to any of them. Well I handed the form over to him and he asked me to place my hand on a glass plate. It wasn't enough for the officer. He wanted my fingerprints and a picture of my face before he gave us permission to leave the office. Now USA can keep track with me for the rest of my life so thats good!

So Ken started the car and we drove away into the states. We turned on the radio and a deep voice started a torturial about how to make a slideshow. (That is really weird! I don't think I have ever heard anything that crazy in the radio...)
So we turned of the radio and I looked out of the car to discover that the truck in front of us said "Great Dane" on the back. Well thats a nice way to be welcomed into the states!

I fell a sleep again and when I woke up the land had changed. From mountains all around us we now had hilly fields all over. The temperature was at 27 degrees and I started to think about that I probably wouldn't like to live surrounded by fields in such a heat with thousands of kilometers to the ocean. After an hour we finally arrived to Moscow in Idaho. (Not Russia!)

We were welcomed by a nice woman named Barbara. She worked at the Washington State University where Ken is talking today. We drove 12 kilometers into the state of Washington and arrived by the university. Ken and Barbara talked about there experiences with their studies while I was watching over FaceBook. We drove back to Moscow and Barbara prepared a nice dinner for her family, Ken and I.

Today I sleept 12 hours which was absolutely great! I spend my day working on my blog and by running for a while around the neighborhood. I have to train a little cause I miss two workouts by being here and I have to keep up with the unhuman skiclub... So now I will leave the computer and leave into the city with Barbaras son Neil who is the same age as me. The difference is just that he has a drivers license and I don't...

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