Saturday, September 19, 2009

Back again

It was about 3 am when Ken got me out of bed. We had to go and 15 minutes later I was sleeping in the car. When I woke up we were getting close to the border. That meant that I had to find my passport. We drove up by the side of the Canadian police officer and handed him our passports. He asked if we had any guns in the car which we didn't. Then he gave us our passports and told us to drive away... I felt the sweet irony and smiled. It maked good sense. Since everything that comes in to the states is checked to the least detail, the Canadian don't need to spend time on what is coming from America. We drove on and I got to see what I had missed 2 days ago when we were driving down. (Except for a little nap I took on the last part.)

We continued past Bragg Creek and headed towards the University of Calgary where Ken is working. I got to see his lab which was filled with snails. Ken is studying the memory and snails are apparently good testanimals. I sat down by a computer while Ken went to a talk. When he came back we went down to a hall where a little buffet was prepared. It was a welcome event for the new students who was going to study neuroscience. I emptied the buffet and Ken introduced me to some of the new students. He also introduced me to a Dane! I was a little confused when she started to speak Danish to me. It was nice though to talk a little Danish. After being there for about an hour Ken and I drove to another place in Calgary where a BBQ was prepared for some of the guys who work together with Ken. It's impressive how they cauld talk about snails and fish. It was a nice evening with a good steak but I was quite tired when we finally went home.

Today I woke up at 7:30. We were going for a workout in Canmore which fortunately wasn't that hard. And it helped a lot that there was pizza after the training. Now I am sitting on my room. In a half an hour there will be a lot of people here eating dinner. Tomorrow I will have to be up early cause my littlebrother prefer that I get up early instead of him. The Sunday's program is also a little hike so I guess I will be pretty tired when I go to school on Monday. But I am starting to get used to it anyways...

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