Friday, September 4, 2009


Today I got to school and everything was going great until Art. I was sitting and waiting for the class to start but it took like a half an hour. I thought it was weird but perhaps something is wrong. Finally class started and I realized that I had missed the lunch-break. Stupid!
So instead of having lunch between 3rd and 4th periode the break was now between 2nd and 3rd bacause there were only four periods instead of five...

Anyways I survived math despite the fact that it was crazy algebra. I really need to catch up with this subject.
But after school I got picked up by Ken. He brought me to Calgary where I was going to meet an exchangestudent who came home from the Netherlands. His name was Paul and he was really nice. He showed me downtown Calgary and we went up to Calgary Tower. It was all really exciting and it was nice to see everything from above. After showing me Calgary Paul took me home for dinner. Hamburgers and Corn. That must be some sort of Canadian food right?

So I had a great time there and in the end of the day Paul's mom took me back to Bragg Creek. On our way home I asked a question that was coming up to my mind again and again. "What is the problem between Canada and USA?" The answer was that it was hard to tell in few sentences but it was something with being confused with eachother. I have not really got to know what the differences is between the two countries but I hope to find out someway...

Tomorrow I will go hiking on Moose Mountain with Ken which I am looking forward to!

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  1. Sounds like you are having a great time. Will you provide pictures along with your blog post in the future? Talk to you soon and take care ;-)