Monday, October 26, 2009


Today was the day for waiting! I went up at 7:15 am and one and a half hour later I was standing in a 200 meter long line! The vaccine against the feared flu was in the clinics so people from all over Calgary had come to get it. So had Kim, Bryn and I. Slowly the line moved forward and after five boring hours of standing in line was over we entered a room where this guy named Toby was reading up a paper about flu. It was entertaining compared with standing in line so I listened interested until the feeling of amusement had gone away from my head. 10 minutes after we were allowed into the next room and one by one we got a needle in our arms. Next time I am going to wait in line for five hours it's going to be for something more exciting than getting a needle in your arm!

I had planned to call Glamsbjerg City at 2:30 but it ended up being 3 before I got in contact with them. Exactly an hour later we left the house again heading towards Calgary for a workout. I worked hard for one and a half hour and then it was back to Bragg Creek again. The long weekends are going so fast and all the sudden it's just Tuesday...
I better soon go to bed because those workouts make me kind of tired. I'm not used to be that active!!!

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