Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Danish news

So yesterday was a day as all the others. I got to school and fortunately there was no workout so I could relax a bit with some homework. Today started early with some skyping with Jonas in Denmark who gave me the news about 1st grade in gymnasium. It was really nice to talk with him and discuss some Danish news. When I arrived to school I went to the office to get an extended leave form which I have to fill out so that I can go to Vancouver on Monday with Kim. I am really looking forward to that. Skipping school is always relaxing!

So after a nice schoolday which included a evacuation drill, Bryn and I was picked up by Kim who drove us to Calgary for the workout. It was snowing and my body was extremely heavy so it wasn't a very succesful workout. Fortunately I get to try again tomorrow ;)

So soon I will go to bed but first I will pack a bag so I'm ready to sleep over at Darren's house until Saturday. It's going to be nice to spend some time with him before Sunday which is Thanksgiving. Kim, Ken, Bryn and I are going to Calgary to Thanksgiving dinner at Kim's brothers house. It will be nice!

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