Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Late Update... Again!

So it happened again. a long time flew away without me taking care of my blog. I am especially sorry for the last post being about the H1N1 vaccine, but you can all be certain that I have not died from the sickness!

Last week was probably the most active week for a long time in my life! With 5 days of workout in only one week, I hope I am getting good at skiing! Because now I am finally on skies. Last Sunday and today we went to Lake Louise where there is lots of snow to ski on. At the moment I have only really tried classic skies and already from Sunday till today I am capable to feel a difference. Although I must admit it's hard to stop on those skies. My solution is to just crash as smooth as possible. That have already given me some guite interesting moments on skies over here.

Yesterday it was Remembrance Day and that meant a ceremony during schooltime. That included speeches, 1 minute of silence and bagpipe. Afterwards the classes continued and I took a stealth nap during Math which fortunately was not remarked by my teacher. I fell asleep on the bus too and if Bryn hadn't woken me up I would have slept on without getting off. I wonder if I get to little sleep.?

Anyways the schedule for this weekend look intense! Friday morning we are leaving to Lake Louise and I will participate in a ski camp. According to the program I have seen it's going to be quite hard to my Danish flatlander body!
But let's see, I might survive it...

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