Thursday, October 22, 2009

Damned Terms

School today was a mixed experience. First class was math which went ok despite my Vancouver trip. Then I moved on to English and it was here my troubles started. I missed a terms test last week and my teacher, Mr. Dearden thought that I should do it today. Fact is that I hadn’t really studied these 107 terms that was all about drama and stuff like that. Yesterday I looked at them for a half an hour and that was those 30 minutes training I used today. So I started and after an hour Mr. Dearden told me to go to the test center (a fancy place where a teacher watches over you while you are doing your test. We sure don’t have test centers in Denmark by the way!) and finish off my test. I ended up spending two hours and therefore my entire lunch break on this damned test that I didn’t understood anything about. Words like “juxtaposition” and “litotes” was flashing around on my paper but I hope I guessed myself up to 30% correct answers. It was nice to have an average on 82% but I am quite sure this damned test will bring down a little. I wrote “Sorry Mr. Dearden” on the bottom of the page and added a smiley.

I went straight on to Media Arts where I was 20 minutes too late because of the test. The next two periods cheered me up a little. I handed in my portfolio with my 26 best pictures and got “high five” from Mr. Gaudio who said that I could use the next 30 minutes to watch “Die Hard”. Sweet way of ending the school day! Now I better get to bed so I will be all ready for English tomorrow. I don’t know how long my apologize to Mr. Dearden is good for…

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