Sunday, November 15, 2009

Early Ski Camp

So I'm back! After an intense but fun weekend I'm back. It started on Friday early in the morning where we left Bragg Creek. Soon we were heading towards Lake Louise and a white landscape. When we arrived to the hostel there was just time to get changed in to proper skiclothing before we filled the two vans with skies and drove the two minutes to the tracks. After 2 hours of skiing we went back to the vans and drove to the hostel for lunch. After lunch we watched some video taken from the tracks so we could see ourselves what we were doing right and what needed some help. My coach kind of had to make it clear what I needed to work on because I'm not that much in to skitech yet. So soon it was back to the trails and back on skies.

When we returned to the hostel it was dinnertime which was just what I needed! There was also some time to play pool before it was back to the room and try to sleep.
Saturday went as Friday except for the morning run at 7:30. When we returned from our second run on skies it was time to get a shower before the presentation about general preparedness for races and training. Good and usefull information about pretty much what the title indicates.

Today I woke up at 7:45 and unfortunately I "missed" the morning run. Luckily we were off skiing right after breakfast which cheered me up after that miserable accident. When we came back it was lunch time and then time to split up and go home. Some had an 8 hour drive which reminds me that I found out that you can fit 15 Denmarks into the state of Alberta!

It sure is a big country I have ended up in!


  1. You are travelling -two L's because you are in Canada. One L if you were living in the USA- on SKIS under big, blue Alberta SKIES. Don't worry, though, I'm quite sure Kai mixes up the spelling of those two words as well.

  2. Thanks Kim! I can't really find the "travelling" in that post though...