Thursday, January 14, 2010

Late Christmas/New Years Update

So the last weeks I have received complaints about my maintenance of my blog. I have been feeling guilty about letting my dear readers down which of course have been unacceptable! I would like to bring out to you my deepest apologizes and I hope it will not happen again. (Still unexpected blackouts on my behalf can cause missing updates that honestly can't be considered my mistake!)

Let's get to the point. This year, or last year to be precise, was my first year ever with a Christmas outside Europe and without my dear Danish family. It all started to be different and a little weird on December the 24th. Kim's parents had arrived and eight hours earlier the Danes had opened their gifts. Still I had to wait another 12 hours before it was present time 24 hours for the big lovely turkey dinner. The 24th went away without the big great traditions that I'm used to. When I woke up on the 25th the story was another! It was time to get up and rip up the presents. Bryn got a little frustrated by my patient way of opening gifts but she came through it all ok. It was nice to open all the nice presents and there could be no doubt that the most of the presents under the tree was for me. This was a fact that I did not complain about!

Soon Kim's brother and his family came by and after opening the last presents it was time to try another great Canadian tradition. Hockey! After getting into the rumble with keeping the balance and after Kim laughing about the fact that I had only tried skating about 6 times in my life, it went pretty good. Kim's brother taught me to shoot the puck and after some practice it started working. We got challenged by another group of guys on the rink and soon I was in the middle of a hockey match. I came out of there alive and when it was time to go home I could feel that my appetite was getting ready for dinner.

A couple of hours later we were all sitting around the table with turkey on the plates and lots of other good stuff. An excellent dinner even though I have to admit that I did not eat as much turkey as I did on Thanksgiving. The evening ended with some tobogganing down the hill in the yard. The ending of a nice, special and a little weird Christmas.

Soon it was time to enter 2010. I went to Darren in Calgary and spend the New Year's Eve with him and Vince. We started out with some movies until about 23 where we left the house and headed towards the rink close to Darren's house. After some hockey 2010 was sneaking up on us and we skated into the new year on an ice rink in Calgary, Canada... We played a little more hockey before we started returning to the house. I can't imagine a more Canadian way of getting into the new year then skating with a hockey stick in the hand...

December and the night of January the 1st was times I will never forget! Even though there was no fireworks on New Year's Eve and no presents on the 24th it was an amazing time with some amazing people! It feels weird to think of the fact that I will be leaving them all in only five and a half month...

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