Thursday, January 21, 2010

Birthday In Bragg Creek

On January the second it was time for a big birthday party. In addition of my own birthday on the 8th, Ken had his birthday on the 10th and Darren's mom, Ingrid, had her birthday right on the day!

So that day on January the second guests came to the house in Bragg Creek. We ended up being about 16 people for dinner. After a nice dinner, I and the other guys went to the basement until Kim came down and wanted to tie a scarf for my eyes. I was led upstairs and Vince and Darren spinned me around until I got dizzy. Then I was finally allowed to sit down and all the sudden the famous Danish birthday song began. In a combination of a deep Danish voice and all the birthday guests' beautiful voices rang the song throughout the house. As soon as I had realized that this was the Danish version I started laughing and when the song ended I was allowed to take off the scarf. A big birthday cake was standing in front of me on the table with lots of candles in it. It was time to find out how many girlfriends I had. After a powerful puff 16 of the 17 candles was still burning and I had to confess.

After cake it was time for presents and I can report happily that I was quite spoiled that night. After some really nice presents for both me and the two other birthday "kids", there was lots of laughter and fun until it was time for people to go home.

The conclusion: the Canadians way of celebrating birthday is really nice!

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