Tuesday, December 1, 2009

December The First

So after a nice weekend in Calgary that included a dodgeball and iced roads that really maked troubles. Darren and I went to an artshow on Friday and at that point it had already started snowing. When we two hours later left the house wearing cowboy hats, and heading out for a dodgeball tournament all the roads were full of ice. The traffic was jammed and it took a half an hour to go a couple of kilometers. We even saw a guy get "T-boned" when a car slowly slided down a ramp while he was blocking his wheels. It didn't help and a couple of seconds later he hit the car in front of us. After all this action we soon arrived safe at the dodgeball tournament which was fun despite the fact that my team didn't quite win...

After the tournament we helped pushing cars forward when they were stuck on the jammed uphills and I even had a conversation with a Canadian police officer. It went like this: Bjørn "It's going to be a long night eh.?" Police officer "Yeah..."
We saw the same officer out there a couple of times before we went back to Darren's house and went to sleep.

That was pretty much the highlights of my weekend. On Monday I had no school which was just fantastic! I slept till 11 and woke up finding Glamsbjerg City online so I started skyping with the folks in Denmark. Today went pretty good in school. In Media Arts which by the way is an awesome class we finished the sound designs for our one minute movies. That means that hopefully soon my movie will be on my Facebook profile so all of you can admire my beautiful work. Well I think that was all to report so far from the Canadian wilderness.

Oh and by the way outside the window there are 12 centimeters of snow and it is freezing -15 degrees! What a way to start Christmas on December the first!

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